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Just What is It?

There are two thoughts in our nation that is on a collision course even as I write this post; globalism verses nationalism. Let’s break down these two meanings.

Globalism – Is a belief that the worlds interests is more important than the interest of the individual nations that inhabits it.

Nationalism – Is a belief that individual nations interests are more important than the interest of the world as a whole.

Here are two more words we should include in this:

Socialism – is a belief that no one person owns nor has the rights to anything but instead all means necessary for a society to exist is owned by all within that group.

Self-determination – Is a belief that the individual has the right to make choices without external influence.

Globalism has its home in the liberal thought pattern. The vast majority of the people in our nation who believe in Globalism reside in the major urban centers of our nation. These mega centers of liberalism leave little room for individual expression but instead breeds a belief in the oneness of all things. A natural outcome of this mindset leads to the eventual fall of nations and a reset of new nation building (a cycle seen throughout history). This mindset can be further identified by the socialistic patterns naturally imbedded within this liberal globalist attitude.

Nationalism is the natural outcome of conservatism. This thought process is embedded in the idea of self-determination. Without nationalism individual rights quickly disappear and the individual becomes one of many; much like a chicken house full of young broilers. The word Nationalism connotes an immediate picture of a people filled with one purpose, with one belief, individually giving back to society of their own free will with none telling them they have to; patriotism, if you will.

A nation is strongest when a nationalistic attitude exists and at its weakest when a globalist attitude exists.

The heart of our nation is at a juxtaposition. Just what is it that has caused this crisis can be laid directly at the feet of the liberal mindset and our nation will cease to exist if we sit back and remain silent.

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