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A Win for Conservatism

Judge Roy Moore won the Republican Primary today as a true conservative voice. The establishment Republicans have been put on notice here in the deep south. Up to this point, the political establishment has believed that a bottomless money pot, media blitz’s, and unproven suggestions of improprieties (outright lies made out as truth) could and would win the day. The republican, just like the democrat, establishment politicians have lied to their constituents for so long that people across this great nation of ours have had enough! Hence, Judge Moore.

All of us must be involved to change the ideology within the establishments ranks. Whether by running a true conservative inside the parties’ sphere of influence, or by completely bypassing the ruling class in favor of a true independent conservative; the only way to truly signal D.C. that we want change is to hit them where it hurts the most; their pockets!

We need people, such as Judge Moore and Chris McDaniel, to fight the good fight, the fight to take our nation back! More than those with good name recognition though, we need people with traditional conservative backgrounds who understand and are willing to stand up once again, like our veterans, for the cause that is our heritage; our America.

I have decided to answer this call to defend our nation from the liberal infestation of globalism. I love my nation and will defend her against all who wish to tear down and make her what she isn’t. My love is rooted deep within Mississippi’s soil and my family. My concern is for our future; our way of life. My hope rests in God and His people.

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