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Honorable Politician - an Oxymoron

Honorable Politician – an Oxymoron

All want their piece of the pie, let the other guy compromise! We hear this all the time, every day, 365 days a year. What we provide is essential; what we receive we can’t do without; my question is – why?

Our entitlement programs started out with good intentions, designed to help those who needed help for a short period of time and to provide for those who were unable to help themselves. Our elders, who all their lives (for those who put in an honest lifetime of work) gave into a system that has become more corrupt as time passes, may not have that safety net much longer. Our service men and women, who gave willingly of their time, limbs and life’s to the idea that is America based on promises made to them, are being used as scrape-goats to the political winds blowing through our nation.

Our children, who have the right to a better nation, are being taught things that are immoral and/or not being taught the truth of history. Today, the average child knows nothing of patriotism nor can they recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Star Spangled Banner. A set of values, not our own, are being taught in our school systems designed to ‘normalize’ a child to an idea of what a society should be.

Our religious freedoms are being attacked across the board. Our nation was founded on the principles of Judeo/Christendom. While the framers of our Constitution ensured that no single religious sect could dominate our society they ensured that the common Judeo/Christen beliefs were incorporated throughout our set of laws we are governed by. Now, because of a small subset of citizens like the LGBT community and the atheist community, the very foundation this nation was built upon, the very tenants that has made this country what it is, is being torn asunder. The rock has become sand.

Our nation’s leaders are no longer guided by a principled set of values that reflect the vast majority of peoples in our nation. Instead, driven by political correctness and a misguided set of values, our leaders are on personal crusades to affect a lasting change on the very fabric of our society that most of us do not want, but, short of the ballot box, have no way to halt. The uninformed voting public has been beguiled with half-truths, lies, and innuendo by a leadership steeped in this type of social warfare. All of us are paying the price now.

The republican establishment, long lauded as the conservative wing of the government to their constituents, is showing that they are no different from the democrats, proving out to be just another side of the same unwanted mirror. How can we trust anything uttered from the mouths of those who hang their shingles on a party’s door? Can we truly use the word conservative with the word republican in the same breath anymore? The uninformed public isn’t so naïve as these career politicos believe and they are running scared. Beware the bait and switch, it is coming!

A wise man once said, “You can’t squeeze water from a rock”. The liberal elite in this nation has managed to replace our rock with sand which can be molded into many different things. Sand, however, never lasts. Another wise man once exclaimed, “stick a fork in it, it’s done!: For all who wish to use the façade of conservatism beware of the “voting fork!”

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