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The GOP Establishment

The heart of the Republican Party! Long lauding their conservative values and principles, the GOP, when confronted with a true, blue, dyed in the wool conservative who epitomizes the party’s platform, will pull a Benedict Arnold in their support of a republican candidate not of their choosing.

Take Judge Moore for example. The people of Alabama had a choice between Moore and Strange (the establishment candidate) and Moore won the vote fair and square. This upset the moneyed establishment types to no end because their ‘yes’ man didn’t win, but, we would think, that wouldn’t matter to these people because the bottom line would be to ensure a republican, not a democrat, would fill Sessions vacated seat. (This is what a true conservative constituent would want.) It is, of course, about our principles and values, not about our pocket books!

The true modus operand us of the GOP establishment is in full display with the Alabama senate race and it has never been about values, principles; never has been about the party platform; never in the representation of the people who put them there; it has always been about the money and power. The m.o. of the GOP has always been about control of our nation and its pocket linings; another way of looking at it, “have and have nots”! This is par for the course where the establishment is concerned.

As of today, Judge Moore is neck and neck with the democrat challenger, and because he wasn’t the pick by the establishment to fill the seat he has no support from the national GOP establishment to ensure he wins.

Are we ever going to learn our lesson and recognize that the parties are playing us for idiots? What is really telling – neither party really cares, one way or the other, because, as long as the money flows and pockets stay full and we continue to swallow the lies they espouse, they are fat, dumb and happy to continue with the status quo!

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