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Writing on the Wall

Are the establishment types awakening to the fact that ‘We the People’ have had enough? Some of our republican senators have realized that they are out of touch with their constituents wishes; but, too late and now are dropping out like the snowflakes they are.

‘Mene’: one way or the other the days of special interest, cronyism, and corruption within the party ranks will come to an end. Men and women with fortitude, principles and values are starting to stand to take back our nation.

‘Tekel’: For too long we have allowed those of the silver tongue, the wolves dressed as sheep, to run rough-shod over us. Our nation has suffered at the hands of those who we put our trust in to right the ship of state but were instead swept away by the filthy – lucre.

‘Peres’: As in the story of Nebuchadnezzar, some will be humbled when they realize their folly, but others, just like his son Belshazzar, will hold on to the very end and be held accountable at the ballot box. The writing is on the wall and the establishment’s kingdom is coming to an end. From the ashes will rise true conservatives, independent and not beholden to the parties dictate, standing on the rock that is Gods laws, to secure our children’s future and our nations soul.

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