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Who Am I

Folks, for those who don’t know me; let me tell you who I am: I am a retired service member and

veteran who is a true blue, dyed in the wool patriot of the USA. I believe in God, Family and Country. I AM seriously concerned with the deceit, lies, and innuendo of all those who supposedly say they represent our beliefs, our people and our nation. I am about as conservative as a person can get but am smart enough to understand the differences that separate us as a people. I know that if none of us can find a common ground then the demise of this great nation is a foregone conclusion: just as it happened to the great nations of old so too will it happen to us. I am tired of the half-truths, the outright lies, the deceit and the obvious corruption in our system of government as it stands today. Our so-called representatives feel that they can lie and stretch the truth into a picture they wish us to see all because they think we are stupid. I have served with good and honorable men and women who were willing to sacrifice their all to give this nation a chance at success, and those who have never served nor heard the call think they can urinate on my back and call it rain?! I can and will call them out whenever and whichever way I can, pointing out the fallacies as I go..... I am an equal opportunity thinker, so if I see something that doesn't make a bunch of sense I will point it out.

So, what am I? I am an AMERICAN! I believe in the nation our forefathers founded and what they stood for, putting God first, family second, and our nation third! That, my friend is Who I am.

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