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    Born in 1964 to W.H. and Joan E. Turner, Jr. Harry, along with his two brothers and sister, was raised in Moselle MS, attending both Moselle Elementary and South Jones High.  At graduation, Harry enlisted in the U.S. Navy, volunteering for submarine duty.  Over the course of his 20 years active service Harry served at sea on the USS Los Angeles (SSN688), USS Groton (SSN694), and USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN709).  His shore duty periods included Naval Submarine Training Center Pacific, Fleet Technical Assistance Team Washington D.C., and Naval Recruiter, McComb MS.  During this timeframe he obtained his Assoc. degree from Chaminade University and his Bachelor of Science degree from Excelsior College of New York.  Harry retired in August 2002, taught 6th grade for a year, independent contractor for two years and has been renting cars for U-Save Auto since 2005.

He is married to his wife and best friend Helena Turner for 31 years.  Helena and Harry have 3 children, William M. Turner, Tabatha N. Dunstan, and Harlon T. Turner, one son-in-law Jason Dunstan and one daughter-in-law, Christine Turner. Carrying on in their father’s footsteps all three of Harry’s kids have served and the boys still serving in the MS National Guard.  Harry has 7 grandchildren and hoping for more.

Turner, Christine. “The Turner Family.

 Christine Turner Photography 07 SEP 17,

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