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Political Philosophy

     I am a physical and social conservative by practice and upbringing.  I believe that government should live within its means being a conservator of the people’s money.   I believe in public charity with the understanding of personal responsibility not taken will result in loss of help.  I believe that accountability is a requirement in public service and none are exempt.   I believe that marriage is between a man and woman, that sex is assigned only by God, that life begins at conception, that respect must be earned and that family is inviolate.  I believe that parents can only be a man and a woman and that all have the right to practice what they believe in public and private life and that none have the right to force others to accept their way of living.  I believe what is private should remain so and that teaching a child anything contrary to the moral teaching of God is an abomination to Him and should never be condoned.  I believe in the dignity of life.  I believe that to allow another belief to affect the American Way is anathema to our nation and will end it for future generations.  I believe that ‘to be liberal’ in thought is a conundrum that we allowed  generations past to ‘get away with’ to the extent that this thought process is challenging all we teach our children of  right and wrong; without checking, will cause the fall of our nation.  I believe in a strong defense and that we have the right to practice this belief, whether at the local level or world level.  I believe in ‘live and let live’ only until threatened and then to win decisively to send the message ‘don’t tread on me’ if you value your existence.  I believe that ‘who knows best’ can only be represented by the following order:  Father/mother, family, community, state, nation; this is how all laws should be weighed.

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