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  • Duty, Honor, Commitment.  These are the 3 driving forces I try to live by every day.

  • God, Family, Community and Nation.  This is the order I make all my decisions with.

  • Honesty, Integrity, Service, Dedication.  This is what you can expect from me 24/7/365.

  • Accessible and respond able.   This is my pledge to you.

  • Common Sense.  This is the foundation from which all decisions made will spring from. 

Principles & Beliefs

  • For good and bad, our nation’s history is just that, our history.  I believe that we should preserve our history as is, not falling prey to the pettiness of liberal minds and hiding or rewriting history to make us other than what we are.

  • I believe that education is earned through hard work and perseverance, not given out freely to those that haven’t earned it.  As such, not all children will be college material and should be prepared early in their educational years to succeed in life as an adult, armed with the knowledge necessary to have a chance at success, whether vocationally or academically. 

  • I believe that hard work, integrity, and honesty are how you are judged by others and is a cornerstone in all endeavors pursued by you.

  • I believe that thru God all things are possible. 

  • I believe that family is the foundation of our great nation.

  • I believe that children are the wellspring from which God has allowed us to be and as such must be protected from conception.

  • I believe that our fore fathers were inspired by God to write the Bill of Rights into our Constitution.  These rights are inviolate and should never be infringed upon by government.

  • I believe that all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that none have the right to infringe upon others in these rights.

  • I believe that justice is blind and should be applied equally, no matter the station in life you occupy.

  • I believe that our nation is a Christian Nation, founded on Christian beliefs.

  • I believe that we have a duty to defend our way of life, our dignity and our morality.  If needed, I believe it is our right and duty to ensure our nation is for and by the People through force, if necessary.

  • I believe that our government works for its people, first and foremost, and serves at the people’s pleasure.

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